This Racer show car just spent one year in all the best shops in Ca. with an open checkbook and turned out gorgeous. Racer cars are very hard to find, and when you see one with a $30,000 hand made aluminum body they’re almost impossible to find! Racer has only produced about 50 full body sand cars in the country. They retail new for $190k-250k dollars. Your friends won’t know that you didn’t spend that much when you pull up to the hill in this flawless Racer sand car. Don’t pay similar money and end up with an unpopular brand of sandrail. This is the Ferrari of the sand car world and everyone knows it. Brand new $7500 paint job completed 7/20/17 and never driven since.


The amazing pearls and candies along with heavy metallic ake dances in the sun and the sparkle will absolutely blind you. Everyone will see you coming, running the drags and shooting the hill. This car has never been seen since its transformation, has never been for sale in the public, so all your buddies will think you bought a brand new car. Racers have the best suspension in the desert. It has the highest quality full floating suspension and stout parts that money can buy.






Racer engineering
  • Brand new hardware all over front and rear suspension $550 to ensure safety.
  • CV’s just serviced, rack just serviced, just head for the desert and go play.
  • CBM LS3 2.9L Whipple Supercharger.
  • Mendeola S4S sequential transmission.
  • Pro Am full floating hubs.
  • 934 CV’s.
  • 17” wheels with 35.5’s and 12.50’s
  • King shocks.
  • Race radio with car to car. 
  • Brand new powder coated rear suspension.
  • Polished billet front arms and steps.
  • Jet Trim seats.



PRICE: $99.000