Just finished an extensive 2 year complete restoration all the way down to frame. Every nut and bolt, every wire bearing and heim, everything was replaced on this car to bring it up to brand new 2017/18 standards. The only thing different between this Alumicraft 2 seat mid, and a brand new one, would be the extra $100,000 they would add to the price! Brand new polished S4 transmission by Dave Foltz. It has never been used or driven. Brand new all handbuilt aluminum body. Jeff Davis wanted $25k to build this body. All hand made with beautiful ipad dash.


Tires and wheels are on wide 17” wheels and can be sliced and narrowed if customer wants the car to be as tall as Tatums and Racers. I chose the wider wheels to bring down the center of gravity down but still get a huge bite with the 35.5’s and make it handle like a slot car!  This is an extremely rare car, and there are only a handful of these Alumicrafts ever created. That is why I invested $90k on all the upgrades. There is not a more powerful/fun/dune shredding car on the planet…and when you’re done, sell it for the same price you paid for it in a few years, because of its mid-engine rarity…and it’s an Alumicraft!





  • CBM Twin Turbocharged LS.
  • New Race Pak digital dash.
  • New Fox shocks up front with triple bypass.
  • Jet Trim style seats.
  • 3” PRP seat belts.
  • New digital dash.
  • New ProAm rear hubs.
  • Brand new hardware over entire car.
  • Odyssey battery.
  • Momo steering wheel.
  • New windshield.
  • New fuel pump
  • New headers
  • New bushings, brake lines, and brakes
  • Rugged LED dome lights and suspension lights front and rear.



PRICE: $89.000